Gastronomic restaurant near Angoulême

Le Relais du Château gastronomic restaurant, located near Angoulême, flies high the colors of its region. Proud of this rich, gastronomic heritage, Chef Cédric Domingues and his team strive to magnify the flavours of this land, in every dish they compose for you. At Le Relais du Château de Chalais restaurant, the manager also as the Maitre d' Karl Savidan and his team offers refined, top-of-the-range service echoing the gastronomic cuisine prepared by Chef Domingues. You are our guests here and shall be hosted as such. Courtesy, availability, and warmth for gastronomic moments.

Gastronomic cuisine at the Restaurant of the Château de Chalais

Le Château de Chalais restaurant, on the border of the Bordeaux and Charente vineyards, invites you to a taste of gourmet, seasonal, locavore cuisine.

Our fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and all other products are carefully selected with respect to the cycles of nature. Moreover, to get the very best from his gastronomic dishes, Chef Cédric Domingues works with local producers in Charente and beyond the West region, which he meets on a regular basis, for a deep understanding of their production methods. Together, they forged bonds of trust. 

From these local, fresh, seasonal products, the Chef Domingues composes a splendid gastronomic menu to delight your taste buds. In addition to the unavoidable veal from Chalais, be prepared for our truffles, foie gras, honey and saffron Charentais, Aquitaine sturgeon and caviar, Barbezieux poultry, lamb from Parcoul, and last but not least, our Cognac to enhances all dishes and sauces.

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Lunch menu with daily products bought from local producers according to the season. To meet the expectations of most, we also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Customer reviews

Above our expectations!!

The food was amazing! And the service was worth a star!
We will revisit it soon because we had a great night!

Wonderful food and excellent service

A meal out to celebrate a birthday. We have eaten here before and enjoyed our visit and this time was a real pleasure. The new chef is excellent and his attention to using local produce is exactly what we enjoy. We will happily return.